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16th December 2018 
How does it work?. Willingchange8

How it works

First in ourselves
We all want things to get better. And as long as we are looking for ways to make “things” better we are going to be disappointed.

Changing your schedule, your environment or other people isn’t likely to help you for the simple reason that the person following that schedule; the person in that environment; the person interacting with those people (in other words you) remains the same. Changing “things” is often hard and is rarely the answer. Changing you is surprisingly simple, and since you are the one that’s feeling stuck.....

It may not feel like it, but you really are in control. In your first lesson I will help you begin to see that the power you have over yourself is much greater than you imagined and that you can make quite profound changes in yourself with a simple decision.

Once you begin to have this kind of experience we will find ways to increase that sense of self reliance. This is the heart of ITM (Interactive Teaching Method) teaching. Not so much putting you back in the driver's seat as showing you that you already are.

Then in our lives
The very same principles and processes that Alexander developed for taking control inside our skin, will also give us more control of what happens outside. In ITM classes we work in all kinds of activities so that your command and confidence will grow until you can really achieve your full potential in anything you choose to do.

"The effortless rib expansion and lack of tension in my neck and jaw, and the effortless lifting of my soft palate meant that I could sing a G just as easily as the lower notes. It was a whole new experience. Thank you so much for helping me to discover this in myself."

- Chris, aspiring singer.

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