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17th October 2018 

Links to A.T. sites

The ITM website has information on the founder of the ITM - Don Weed, workshops, training courses and ITM teachers all over the world. Everything you always wanted to know about the Alexander Technique in all it's forms. All on one enormous, but helpful and easy to use, site. Includes articles, research into A.T. and related topics, and an unfeasable number of links.

ITM Alexander Technique teachers

Estella Cauldwell, Birmingham:

Jane Toms, Solihull:

Michael McCulloch, Gloucester:

Oliver Lee, Cirencester:

Lynne Cartlidge, Cardiff: If you find yourself in Canada and in need of some Alexander lessons, here is my recommendation. Emma is the first and currently the only ITM teacher in Canada.


The Alexander Technique does not "cure" injury or disease. If you have a clinical condition then you first need clinical intervention. For example:-

C1 chiropractic Not just chiropractic care but also a range of massage and other techniques. A truely international site with information on all aspects of healthcare, mainstream and alternative. A comprehensive site including articles on holistic approaches to health care and a large directory of practitioners.

We are also listed on click for therapy

For NLP and Hypnotherapy try David Griffiths at