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Home. movebeyond1Is there something you would like to achieve, which you feel ought to be doable, but somehow you never quite get there? Or perhaps you find you are having trouble lately with something that you used to be able to manage quite easily, or maybe you just feel "stuck" somehow.

It can be very frustrating to live with a sense that there is something you want, which is just out of reach.

I have been working as an Alexander Technique teacher for over ten years, and in that time I have helped many people to move beyond their current limitations and get more out of whatever it is they want to do in life.

The process is simple, it’s effective, and it has stood the test of time (people have been benefiting from Alexander’s work for well over one hundred years).

The Alexander Technique gives us new ways of seeing our problems and effective tools for solving them, first in ourselves and then in our jobs, relationships, lives.

Take it for a test drive

New beginners classes will start in January.
For enquiries and bookings call 0117 963 4496
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Each week I learn something new about the way in which my thinking effects my movement. I have found movement in my upper body that I’ve been seeking for years.
Rosie - riding instructor

For Alexander Technique lessons and workshops in Bristol CLICK HERE

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