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Unlocking potential

“Each week I learn something new about the way in which my thinking affects my movement. I have found movement in my upper body that I’ve been seeking for years.”

– Rosie, riding instructor

Alexander Technique classes in south Bristol

What if I were to tell you that it is normal for all of us to achieve our full potential in anything we decide to do?

That may seem like a bold claim, but actually it’s a very simple statement. All it's really saying is that no matter what your current condition or circumstances, you have potential within you, and it is perfectly normal to be able to develop and to express all that is in you without undue stress or strain.

For over fifteen years, I have been working as an Alexander Technique teacher, helping people to move beyond their current limitations and get more out of whatever it is they want to do in life. The process is simple, it’s effective, and it has stood the test of time - people have been benefiting from Alexander’s work for well over one hundred years.

“This work has helped me to live an increasingly comfortable, enjoyable life, even as I've taken on more and more responsibility.”
Danny, musician and teacher.

It is very common for Alexander students to talk about ‘physical’ benefits like increased flexibility, freedom from tension and strain, etc. For many people, though, the ‘mental’ changes – like lowered stress levels, control of ‘nerves’, clarity of thought, or just a different way of looking at things – can be even more important.

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Take it for a test drive

A new foundation course for beginners will start on Wednesday the 6th November, starting at 7pm. For more information or to book a place, contact me here:

Contact me

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Alexander Technique lessons and workshops in Bristol

From individual lessons and group classes to large scale workshops with more than one teacher. Explore the possibilities here:

Learning options

Find out more

In the following pages I will explain more about how the technique works, a little about myself and why I got involved in the work, and the different ways in which you can learn this process.

Getting here

Mendip Road is in Windmill Hill, just a little south of the city centre, near St. Mary Redcliffe. It is a short walk from Bedminster train station (with links to Temple Meads) and several major bus routes.

You can view a map here:

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